Cal Advocates for the Missing is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Organization based in the State of California. Let us tell you a little bit about what we do…

When someone goes missing, families are shocked and fearful of a potentially dreadful outcome and are often unknowledgeable of where to turn for assistance. Our trained advocates are oftentimes their first point of contact in assisting them in filing a missing persons case.

We operate on a very personal level and our advocates are dedicated to helping the families by offering not only emotional support, but assisting them with all the available tools and resources that they normally would not have knowledge of.

We are also very proactive in the search process. Our media liaison immediately issues a press releases when the person is first reported missing and, in the past, has worked with major production companies to tell their stories on shows that involve missing persons.

In many cases the Advocates continue to offer support long after a resolution of the case. If foul play is involved, we continue to support the family through seeking justice for their loved ones. For this, we have a team of dedicated professionals to assist including Attorney’s and Private Investigators.

According to the FBI; San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the top 13 U.S. cities where sex trafficking is big business. We deal with these cases daily and these are our most challenging because of elevated level of sensitivity and experience required in handling them. We partner with a highly trained special ops team that consist of Navy Seals and former Law Enforcement to assist in recovering the victims safely.

Without detailing the intricacies involved in this expanding criminal activity, it should be noted that over 41,000 missing adult cases, and 85,000 missing minors were reported in 2016 in California alone. Law Enforcement simply does not have the resources necessary to handle the high volume of these cases that arise daily. As a result, it may take several days for the Missing Persons Detective assigned to the case to even contact the family. By this time, a critical period and window of opportunity has passed that most often offers the greatest hope in recovering the missing person.

This is where our proactive search abilities can make the difference between a favorable and timely recovery and a protracted and unfavorable outcome. During this period, we continue to offer support to the family but also immediately gather all the available pertinent information including a detailed description of the person missing, along with the location and the circumstances surrounding the case. And perhaps most critically, our specially trained investigators assist the families in accessing the social media accounts, cellphones, and other media devices along with phone records. It is often the case that a perpetrator can be identified and even located by their previous contact with the missing person through these media platforms and devices and our knowledge of the workings of social media can enable us to do just that. But time is of the essence because cases grow colder as time passes. And when Law Enforcement does respond, we are at the ready to assist.

Our other search tools consist of a team of boots on the ground to physically search for individuals. This includes distributing flyers and querying locals. Our Addiction Outreach team helps with those with addictions that are missing or on the street. We make internet flyers along with missing social media pages and pay for ads to be ran. Depending on the geographical location and circumstances we can contact one of the several Private Investigators we use. The families of missing persons incur an immediate financial strain with lost wages, flights and accommodations when coming from out of state. Especially if they have a child rescued from human sex trafficking, that child usually incurs a week’s stay in the hospital.

Please consider contributing to our cause, as any amount will help immensely. Some of the things that the money you donate goes to are billboards, ads, internet media boosting, posts, rewards and expenses for printing fliers and attorney and private investigator fees.

Thank You,

Cal Advocates for the Missing